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If you don't know how to use GPG or PGP and would like to learn how click on this link.
When used properly PGP/GPG is very secure. Consider this: Edward Snowden uses it for his emails.

If you know how to use PGP/GPG my public key ID is 6596B359 and its fingerprint is 0F8B 3AED FB77 7EDB 34AF CE8E 57E9 B5DC 6596 B359.

You can find my PGP public key by clicking on this link  and then searching for Roy Pittman. There are several lines referencing several public keys there; my line looks like this:

pub 2048D/6596B359 2015-09-04 Roy Pittman (acceptance)

Clicking on that line will bring my public key to your screen which you can then copy and paste as you need to.